How To Get Rid Of Cellulite
On Thighs And Bum Naturally

What is Cellulite?

A dimple appearance on the surface of the skin. According to science, cellulite is not a disease, and (important to remark) it does not affect health or cause physical complications, all skin has visible irregularities like cellulite.

However, there are various treatments to make your legs more soft and shiny. You might have wondered what kind of natural remedies and home treatments exist to combat cellulite on your thighs and bum, for Grades 1 and 2. Grade 1 cellulite shows smooth skin while laying down and standing up. Grade 2 cellulite shows smooth skin while laying down, but some dimpling appears while standing.

How to make your legs more soft and shiny?

The most powerful natural home remedy for these first two cellulite grades involves massaging the affected areas with gua sha tools and body polish, and of course some specific exercises and a particular kind of tea. 

Here's what you need to give it a try

La Petite Rosette -Sweet Rose Petal Body Polish
Body Polish exfoliates and helps firm and tighten your skin. Aside from tightening and firming, a high quality body polish will help maintain a natural glow that will reduce the appearance of cellulite.

La Petite Rosette Body Sculptor
The tool is a simple rounded edge item that comes in many shapes and sizes. This scraping motion increases the blood flow in the area and provides users with smoother legs.
A treatment that has been practiced for thousands of years in Asia, it has proven benefits if used on a regular basis. Gua sha tools are also made of gemstones, which often have unique properties that help to enhance the experience.

Using a Rose Quartz gua sha tool is an beautiful way to turn the experience of removing cellulite into a relaxing and enjoyable beauty ritual.


Massage for Cellulite

Massaging helps to stretch the tissue and decrease the buildup that causes cellulite.

This should be done on a frequent basis. If there's a day that you don't feel like giving your legs a good massage, treat yourself. After applying the body polish, you take the gua sha tool and rub it on the area that you wish to see a decrease in cellulite.

Treatment of Cellulite with Body Sculptor

Apply La Petite Rosette Sweet Rose Petal - Natural Body Polish and massage your skin for several minutes with firm pressure on thighs, hips, and glutes using our special Rose Quartz Body Sculptor, and continue with strong circular movements around the area.

This deep massage will help you break up the connective tissue that causes dimples and lumps, helping to reduce their size and appearance. A daily leg massage leaves smooth looking legs while reducing muscle tension.

This treatment should be repeated regularly.

How to Start the Treatment

Simply wet the skin with warm water. and then liberally apply Sweet Rose Petal Natural Body Polish to your body and gently massage for a few minutes.

 Continue the massage with Rose Quartz Body Sculptor, it is important to apply gentle pressure to break the structures of lumps. Follow up with a warm shower to relax your muscles after an intense massage. Finally, rinse your body and drink a cup of red & rose hot tea

Diet & Activity

Along with the treatment mentioned, eating healthy foods that energize your body in a positive way (like green smoothies or any kind of raw smoothies) is essential.

Staying hydrated also helps your body. 4 cups of water with some lemon drops per day makes the difference. Also, hot red & rose tea is perfect not only for hydration, but also because this kind of tea is excellent to eliminate toxins from your body.

Your skin is your body's biggest organ, and as with any health issue, exercising is vital to retain the glow you've been striving for. Squats and lunges are great for soft and shiny legs.

When you're cooking dinner don't forget to add some greens like celery, spinach, and in between recipe steps, you can lunge a few times. Small steps make all the difference when it comes to your body.

Give yourself time

While there are many options out there for fighting cellulite, there are many home treatments that are available as well. Find the right treatment that suits your body and lifestyle.

Embrace your body and give it what it needs. It's essential to give your skin enough time to show changes with these techniques. And remember that cellulite is perfectly normal and appears in all women's bodies.


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